She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thrifty Treasures

I just had to share two wonderful thrifty treasures that my husband brought home for me. I would not have been happier if he had showed up with a diamond ring!

This first fruit box ($1) I lined with a warm blanket for my outdoor cat, Shy. He sleeps curled up in it every night. Don't you just love that colorful label?

I turned this rustic box ($2)on its side as a wonderfully primitive side table for my old chair ~ a $5 thrift find! I think I'm going to add a nice pot of geraniums or an ivy inside. I think that will look so pretty.

How do you like my finds, Nancy Jo? Nancy Jo is the queen of thrifty treasures!



Linda said...

I LOVE that fruit box! I found one myself the other day.. at the dumpster, *lol* (We live in an appartment building which houses 160 families, so occasionally we find cool stuff 'downstairs') - Mine says 'peras argentinas', hahaha, how cool is that?

Yours is way prettier though.. what beautiful colours, indeed!

Greetings from the netherlands!

Katy said...

LOVE it Lea!!! (both things!)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow, girl- you hit the jackpot! Your sweetie is one savvy shopper!

Glad Tidings Primitives & Folkart said...

I'm not Nancy Jo, but I LOVE your boxes! Hubby did good, for sure!
Just my kind of guy! I've always loved crates and boxes. Mine are all on my wall, being used as shelves.

So glad kitty has a new, wonderful bed!


Simple Family Supper lady said...

I love those great finds!
I am sooooooooo ready for yard sale season!

julie said...

I have 10-11 or those type of boxes put together sideways and up and down. I use them for a bookcase in my Americana room. I love them and usually get them for a $1 or so at yard sales. Good job to your husband...I will have to train mine better:)!!!

Sue Neitzel said...

That hubby of yours is a keeper, how sweet!

Nancy Jo said...

I like your new things just fine, and I think a plant in that box will be perfect.
Your neighbor sounds like a great lady. How nice that you know her. So often we don't even know who lives nearby anymore.
I have to get to posting my thrift finds. With my store opened,ha! that is taking up my thrifting space.

Dani said...

nice box! one with an actual label! those are rare...and in good condition too....I have one but with no label, at our front door too....with a geranium in it...

lindanuts said...

What a beautiful neighbor!!!You are so lucky. It must be like having a granny close by.
I think a pot of geraniums will look fantastic on your sidetable. My husband is a great shopper, too. Since he works third shift, he sometimes yard sales on his way home from work. One time he picked up an old screen door during spring cleanup --yes, out of someone's trash. He knew I was looking for something to use as a trellis for a clematis. We put posts about 1' away from the summer kitchen and attached the screen door there and to the roof. It works great. Every year that clematis fills that door and has the most beautiful purple blooms. We always find hummingbird nests in it in the fall. I love repurposing things......

Alyson & Ford said...

I love crates too. I actually have one on it's side in my guest bedroom by a side chair.... worthy of being inside too! Great finds!
Alyson LID 01/27/06