She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Darling Quilt by Mom

I just have to share this beautiful quilt that my Mom just completed as a gift for my dad. All the applique work is hand-stitched! AND I was so proud of her when she adapted the classic "Farmer Boy" design by adding the fishing pole with the fish to reflect my Dad's love for the sport.

Isn't her work just amazing? She is already working on two Tennessee Volunteer quilts for my nephews. I can hardly wait to share those as well.



Wendy said...

I love this quilt!! Your mom is so talented! Thanks for stopping by to see my deer!! It totally surprised me when I looked over and they were there!!lol So unusual for this area and I was so worried because they kept heading for the road and this is a very busy road so hubby and I kept talking to them to keep them over there!!! They finally went back the way they came but I still don't know where that is!!lol...Have a great Monday!~Wendy

sara said...

Wow, Lea - that is a beautiful quilt! Your Mom is talented indeed :)

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

YOur mom's quilt is just too wonderful!!! LOVE the colors and the fishing pole! What a talented lady. I wanna meet this woman!!!!! Cora

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow- that is gorgeous. I love these types of quilts, especially the Sunbonnet Sue ones.
Your mom does wonderful work, Lea!

Pam said...

What a wonderful quilt. Your mom is very talented.

lindanuts said...

Oh my gosh.....I can only dream to do that well! It is beautiful!

Julie said...

I LOVE it!! That type of work takes hours and hours. IT's beautiful. Julie