She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Antique Kitchen Utensils & A Fall Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my friend Sue of Country Pleasures. She has recently moved into a new home and has been sharing her amazing decorating talent with us in her journal. I sure have been enjoying watching her plain, empty rooms transform into the most cozy & pleasant living spaces.

One of things that Sue did in her big ole' country kitchen was to hang antique kitchen tools on the wall. I just loved the result and decided I would dig out some of my old pieces and hang them as well.

And I just love it!


You can see Colton's little school area below. One day I hope to have a Hoosier cabinet there, but I'm in no hurry for him to grow up!


I kept the cross-stitched piece in the center because my dear traditional sons couldn't bear for me to take it down since it has hung in our kitchen since they were young. Change certainly does not occur easily around the old Blakney place! The green handled pie crimper was a very thoughtful gift from Sue. I'll think of you every time I see it, Sue! Thank you so much.

Across the room I have my antique rolling pins and some vintage aprons. I just adore aprons and wear one every day. There is just something practical and yet romantic about wearing an apron. It makes me feel so connected to my ancestors and their simplicity of life. Guess that's why I enjoy antiques as well.

Look how Sue's old pie crimper matches the green handled roller perfectly.

My only disappointment is that the lack of color in my walls makes everything look washed out. (Sue used Brazilian Flame and its gorgeous!) I have never used color on walls probably because I am so afraid to ruin it. But I am trying to work up the courage to try just one wall or maybe the laundry room where I can close the door if I really make a mess of it. Believe me, no one goes into the laundry room but me!

Make sure to stop by to visit Sue at Country Pleasures. I know you will enjoy browsing through her photos. She has transformed her laundry room into a place I think I could spend some serious time! LOL And right now, Sue is hosting a fun Fall giveaway too. You don't want to miss that!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

From My Kitchen ~ Lemon Cookies

I am such a chocolate lover! I tend to make lots of chocolate cakes, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate creme pies. But for my son Luke, who doesn't eat chocolate, I always have to be certain to make treats that bring a smile to his face too.

Here is a simple but scrumptious treat that is a favorite of my son, Luke, and uses only 4 simple ingredients.

The beautiful pottery star hanging in the background is a lovely gift from my friend, Linda of Parker's General. It was baked with Queen's Anne Lace pressed into the pottery. When it was fired, the flower burned away but the imprint was left. Isn't it beautiful?

1 box lemon cake mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup oil
confectioners sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix lemon cake mix, eggs and oil in a bowl. Pinch off quarter sized pieces of dough and roll into balls. Dip into confectioners sugar and place on a cookie sheet.

Bake for 8-10 minutes or when tops begin to crack. Remove from oven and cool completely.

You can also experiment with other flavored cake mixes like strawberry or chocolate as well. I haven't tried them yet but have been told that they're delicious too.