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Monday, June 9, 2008

From My Kitchen ~ Spreadable Butter

I am so excited to be back and posting again. Just have to say thank you again for your support and prayers. Colton is happy, well and playing with his brothers right now! Praise God!

I'm looking forward to visiting with you all to see what is happening in your kitchens and gardens and sewing rooms and farms. I'm always so inspired by each friend I visit.

Well my recipe for today is something that I have wanted to try for some time. I've read about it on various sites but most recently at Heather's Choosing A Simple Life blog.

Some years ago, my family and I chose to no longer use margarine and return to real butter. However, my boys have never gotten over the "shock" (poor dears~LOL) of having to wait 30 minutes for it to soften! Well now they won't have to. This great recipe both stretches your butter and makes it easier to use for those of us who just can't wait.

Spreadable Butter

Equal parts real butter and oil
(I prefer canola though I am going to try olive oil for my next batch.)

1. Allow butter to come to room temp.
2. Place the butter and oil in a blender and blend away till smooth and creamy. You may use a mixer as I did. It worked great!
3. Pour into containers and refrigerate.

The butter is easy to spread straight from the fridge and tastes so good and creamy!

Today, I also made a small batch to which I added cinnamon. My boys just love cinnamon toast for a snack, and they are going to be tickled about this new creation. I've already tasted it, and its simply wonderful.

You can get really creative and make different variations. Add honey, pureed fresh strawberries or brown sugar.

I really think the flavored butters would make such a nice gift with a fresh baked loaf of bread. I can just hear everyone now ... "Oh no! She is off on another tangent and we're all going to get bread and butter next week." Don't worry though ... I'm not baking bread until this heat wave subsides. But cooler temperatures will be around before you know it ... then watch out! LOL

Today I am thankful for:
1. Laughter of my children
2. Hummingbirds outside my dining room window~a miracle of creation
3. Finding my long lost friend, Diane
4. My husband who said I was pretty even though I know I was a mess
5. Inspiration from on-line friends



Renna said...

Years ago, I remember a friend telling me she did that with her butter, but I never got around to trying it, and had since forgotten it. I do recall her saying she used extra virgin olive oil with hers (regular has a stronger flavor). I am definitely going to try this, and I love the idea of the cinnamon one.

Thank you for sharing this! :-)

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

This is one recipe I MUST try, as I, too switched back to butter. When I was in Bible School, we were always served honey butter which was also spreadable. I just couldn't get enough of it.

Now that it's hot, it might be a good time to try out that bread machine!!!!


More than Survival said...

I'm glad you all like it! It is a staple around here.... I haven't made any bread for the last two weeks... I tend to bake a lot more in the winter. I did make 16 jars of Strawberry jam today. Thanks for the link!

GardenGoose said...

hello Lea, so glad that your son is doing better.
I will definitely be praying for Cora too.
wanted to let you know that I received the darling bunny husband really likes it too.
love the cinnamon scent it has.
thank you.
may you have a blessed week.

Linda said...

hey cool.. I do that too! ;) It tastes so much better than the stuff they sell for putting on bread.. plus it's wayyyy healthier!

But ehmm.. for the next couple of months I'll have to eat it out of the jar or something.. I haven't got anything to spread it on, as I'm doing the Atkins diet.. *lol*

greetings from holland!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Mmmm... I LOVE real butter, too. I like to mix mine with honey, but the I may have to try the cinnamon...that sounds wonderful!!
I'm so happy for Colton... and for you Lea! I'm glad everything is o.k.!

Toni said...

My friend also makes this,but I have never tried it.We switched back to real butter a few months ago,and I find that we are constantly running out now!I`m sure this recipe will help alot!!Thanks for sharing it!!Have a great day!!
I am so glad your son is doing better!I was praying for you guys:)

Julie said...

We use real butter, too. I especially like it for baking. Thanks for the recipe--I will try it. Glad to have you back in blogland. I'm glad Colton is doing better. have a great day. Julie

Julie said...

What a great idea!!!!!
We've quit using the stick margarine, as I've begun using real butter (about a year ago) too.
I'm still buying the "bowl" margarine though, for making toast -- because it's spreadable.
I'm going to have to try this.
You are so smart!!!! Thank you for sharing this!

Primgal55 said...

I think you are so sweet to share the give away news - you could keep it to yourself increasing your odds after all. I am so thrilled to read Colton is doing good right now. That's a good thing.

I am going to try your recipe for the spreadable butter for dear hubby. Using the canola will cut down on the cholesterol in the butter and the spreadable part will make him happy. Thanks for sharing!

hugs, Linda

adsgram said...

Lea...I have to say I will be trying that cinnamon butter as well. I was also impressed with seeing your dishes...Pfaltzgraff Village! That is my pattern and I love it!


CathyJean said...

I do the same thing! I don't use margarine either. I guess I kinda forgot that it is stretching the grocery dollar! Yay!
In the cinnamon butter, I use a little less oil and add honey (great on cornbread, too!)
Another one for summer - 3/4 butter and 1/4 pesto. Spread on sliced french bread and grill. Great with a green salad and grilled chicken. Yummm... my basil and parsley plants are almost producing enough to start making pesto!
Have a great day!