She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An Afternoon Outdoors

I had the most glorious day! This afternoon, the boys & I took our science class outdoors as we learned about plants & roots, perennials & annuals, sun & shade. It was so pleasant! The warm sun felt so good and the air was sweet with new blooms. Ahhhhhh ....

.... and we transformed one little corner of our world into a pretty flower bed. It's just a little spot at the end of the ramp off the back deck but it turned out so pretty.

There are some pretty little variagated hostas that I planted from roots last year. I thought they had been lost to the drought but they came back. Hurray!

Then we surrounded the area with rocks that we harvested ourselves. I just love when we can beautify our environment at little or no cost, don't you? We ran out but I hope that we can gather the remaining rocks sometime this week.

The boys worked hard to add some Lily of the Valley roots. I just adore that flower. The fragrance is so sweet and the little white bell flowers are so simple & pure.

Song of Solomon 2 "I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys."

Then we filled in the area with some inexpensive pine mulch. Ta da!

Here I am wearing another "thrifty find" apron from our fun yard sale trip this weekend. It is so perfect for gardening ~ crafted from heavy denim and lined with muslin. It has hand stenciled accents and even came with with matching gardening gloves ... but I just had to wear my orange ones today!

Finally, I planted some annual flower seeds. It is always such fun around here because it NEVER fails that I forget where I put my planting "map" and when summer rolls around, I get all sorts of colorful surprises! LOL



Katy said...

So glad you had such an enjoyable day outside!!!! That is fantastic!!! It has been gorgeous here as well! :)

I love what you guys did with the rocks and such around the trees! It looks wonderful! I love your apron!!!! (I wear the one you made me often!!!!!)

Happy Thursday my friend!

Farm Chick Paula said...

LOVE that apron, Lea- and it came with matching gloves? (wow)
You and your "crew" did a terrific job with the landscaping - it looks beautiful!

April said...

How fun!! Lily of the Valley is one of my favorites!

Pam said...

What a wonderful day.
It is always so good to get outdoors to plant, but to have the family there too is a double blessing!
I love "finding" my hostas every Spring--always seems like a bit of a surprise, though I'm not sure why.
I have wanted to grow lily of the valley since we moved to "the country;" I did a couple of years ago, but the plants disappeared. Not sure where they went!!
I hope you have another beautiful day today,

Sue Neitzel said...

What a pretty spot and apron too!! I can't wait to create new beds and gardens galore! Enjoy your phlox, it gets better each year! Hugs!!

Annie said...

What a great day you had! Your new flower bed looks very good! I love this time of year and the surprises that pop up out of the ground!
Have a Blessed day!

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Sounds like a wonderful day after a long winter! No rocks in Florida! Can your "grounds crew" come down here and bring some rocks with them for me????? We actually have to buy rocks!!!

Love the apron! And it looks lovely on you, too!!!!


Kindra said...

Yes we have had some wonderful weather in Nebraska too! Your landscaping looks great!
I want one of those aprons! What fun to work outside in that!

Toni said...

Everything looks beautiful Lea!!I love the rocks by the tree!!I also love your apron:)God bless and enjoy the warm weather!!

lindanuts said...

Such handsome and ambitious landscapers! The bed looks beautiful. I am hoping the weather is good when I get home so we can begin the yard chores. I love the beauty and the fragrances. My favorite is the lilacs and hubby's is the hyacinths. I can hardly wait to get home.......