She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our Rustic Arbor

And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden. Genesis 2:4

For what seems like forever, I have dreamed of a rustic arbor on which to grow flowering vines and gourds. I've always enjoyed when gardeners create outdoor rooms with an entryway all blooming and green. It's almost magical and makes me think of the very first garden that God created in Eden. I can only begin to imagine its splendor.

And the earth brought forthe grass, and herb yielding seed after its kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was itself, after his kind; and God saw that it was good. Genesis 1:12

So my son Luke (14) & I began this project together for our eastern garden room. On a frugal budget, we hauled fallen cedars from the woods surrounding our home. Using hand tools, Luke cut the lengths for me and hammered them together. I just pointed and sat on the logs to hold them still! LOL If I had to do it over, I'd use bolts but that will be for my next arbor!

Here are some photos of that little area before our arbor.

We added the birdbath and feeder in April. It is surrounded by flowers from my friend, Tami, which will bloom for us next spring.

Finally, here is our very primitive & rustic arbor ~ its a good thing I like prims! It is surprisingly sturdy after we sunk the feet 1 foot into the ground. (Thank you, Jeffrey, for digging those holes!) I have already planted morning glories and moonflowers. The morning glories will bloom during the daytime and when they close at dusk, the fragrant white moonflowers will open to catch the moonlight.

I still need to add an A frame roof of twigs. I'm still working on and may add it later this weekend IF I can figure it out.

Luke & I are enjoying our success! I was trying to hide the fact that I was still wearing my pajama pants by using the watering can, but it didn't work! LOL Pajama pants or not, I still wore my apron!

If I only I could post a photo of the picture in my imagination. My vision for this outdoor room is so pretty. It is my hope to fill in the area from the tree to the arbor and then from the arbor to the house with flowering bushes & plants to make a screen of green so that when you walk through the arbor it will open up to an emerald room where we can picnic and enjoy crochet ~ one of our family favorite games!

Any suggestions? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Blessings & joy,


Katy said...

Oh...what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL area for what you are planning Lea!!! I love your rustic arbor's GREAT! I can't wait to see what you do and how it looks finished! I don't have any suggestions at the moment though..sorry...If i think of any..i will let you know! :o)

LOL @ your PJ pants!!! hehe!

Pam said...

Lea, it is going to be just wonderful! What a great job you've done.

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I love the PJ's too!!!! Just perfect!

Lea, the garden will take on a life of it's own as you go along. Things will come your way that just "fit!" Like an old, rusty bed frame for flowers, some old ladders for trellises. You will just know when you see something that it will go. And plants and flowers will come your way, too and find their home in just the right spot. Half the beauty of your yard will be the gradual growth and adding to.

Don't forget some bushes, small trees like fruits and nuts, etc. They flower, too, in the spring, bring birds and wildlife, as well as supply you with good things to eat!

A "teepee" of old branches and twigs can become a great thing to cover with a flowering vine, and it will become a haven to the types of birds that have ground nests, etc., like wrens. They love a pile of vine covered branches!

If you are into the wildlife type thing as well as beauty, the National Wildlife Federation has a wonderful book called "Gardening with Wildlife" or something like that. Great ideas along these lines.

Can't wait to see what you do!


Julie said...

You are amazing!! What a great way to spend time with your son--he will enjoy the garden as much as you because he helped with it. It will be beautiful with plants around it. You go girl!!!

Kindra said...

Your new arbor is beautiful. Such a wonderful space where you can make memories with family and friends!

Wendy said...

Oh I love your arbor!!! I can't wait to see it completed!!! I am so not creative on my own like that it takes other peoples ideas to create what I do!! lol..Great job Lea!!! Have a Blessed night!!~Wendy

Granny's Closet said...

That is great! I am sure it will turn out wonderful know matter what you do. I took a twig/chair making class and some of the people made arbor's. They did a great job. I am sure the flowers growing on it will really add to it.

lindanuts said...

Beautiful, Lea! You have one handy young man there. Can he bring a load of those poles here and build me one of those? I look forward to watching the vines grow on yours. I put a really old ladder against a tree and scured it by pushing the bottom into the ground and tying with an old rope. I planted a honeysuckle vine at the bottom. It is massive and beautiful and the smell is unbelievable. You'll find awesome things here and there and decorate your new room to suit your own taste. I look forward to watching the room evolve.

Shanda said...

I was so glad to see pictures of your rustic ceder arbor. I have been working on a fence and arbor of the same material for some time now. I needed a away to keep my chickens out of my garden. I worked all last wekend on the arbor portion. I hope to post a picture of the finished project maybe sometime this weekend. It was just so cool to see someone else doing the same thing. I'll check back with ya to see the flower portion of progress. You're down to the fun stuff now. Congratulations. Its beautiful. I know you worked very hard on it. You all should be very proud of your self.

Linda said...

How cool is that! :) Using those real branches, it looks so rustic! Not anything you could achieve when buying timber from a store.... :)

p.s. what's wrong with pajama pants? I think they look cool! ha!

Greetings from the netherlands!

Junebugma said...

Beautiful job..I am so proud of
you and Luke..You are doing great
tings in Tn.. Things that you all
ways wanted to do in IL. Was not able to do so..Was to much city
in IL.hehehe
Keep the good work up ..Beautiful
job ... Take care..

Farm Chick Paula said...

Yay for Lea and Luke! The neatest thing about it is... you and Luke will always have this day in your heart whenever you look at your Arbor!

Primgal55 said...

What a wonderful projecy to do with your son Luke. It looks wonderful and I just know it will bring you joy for years to come. I can imagine your pride every time you see it. Please keep us updated when you add to it. hugs, Linda

Nancy Jo said...

Funny lea, pj pants and an apron, it just goes to show the world that an apron can go with anything and be worn anywhere.
Now that arbor is a real success I would say. Can' wait to see it covered in vines and flowers. Maybe a little bench of some sort in the middle. Good for support and good to sit on in your pj's, and a good place for the watering can. GOOD JOB!!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Dear Lea! I love the arbor you and your son made! I can see some pretty climbing roses covering it! Nice setting with your bird bath! Have a wonderful Mother's Day sweet friend! Love ya! Maryjane

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Beautiful job Lea - what a great project for you and your son. My lil' guy and I get in a few projects of our own - but right now that mainly consists of diggin' for fishing worms and rolley - polleys. When he gets a lil' older we will have to try and make something really neat like your fantastic arbor. Happy Mother's Day to you! Cathy Cobblestone

Cottage Rose said...

LOL theres something about how everytime you have yr PJ`s on at the wrong time you will for sure get caught out, I know that always happens to me. PJ`s are so comfy, we should be allowed to wear them anywhere!

Great arbor, you will have to update the pics once the blooms grow.

Sue Neitzel said...

I LOVE it!! I too have always wanted secret rooms, rustic arches and prim paths and if it takes pj's to get the work done, I'm in! LOL Happy Mother's Day Lea!

kansas crochet mom said...

looks awesome!

Ada Mae said...

Love your arbor, and I simply adore morning glories but I hesitate to plant any. Years ago in a tobacco patch we had a big crop of morning glories. Cutting the tobacco was a real problem. The next spring my father-in-law happened to notice a packet of morning glory seeds on my kitchen counter---the LOOK he gave me let me know I should not plant them!!!
I enjoy the Christian Women Online site. I had never looked at it before. Thanks for posting it. Ada Mae

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Lea,
LOVE the arbor and the birdbath. The area already looks so lush and green. I can't wait to see the arbor covered in vines. Kudos to you and Luke!
Patricia :o)
PS: Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!

Colleen said...

Love your new arbor -- and your blog! Such a warm, welcoming place.

So glad you stopped by! Thanks... and come again :)

Marci said...

I will be back often to check on your room. You have a great start there. What a special blessing that your son helped you.

Kay B said...

How sweet!! I love your arbor. Rustic is best! Can't wait to see it with the vines covering it.


Julie said...

Oh, Lea!
I can see it all so clearly! You've done a beautiful job describing it so vividly, for us, that it's easy to see!
I just love your rustic arbor -- even more, that your precious children are so willing to help!
You have a family heirloom, now, and I'm sure you're all so proud of your work! It's all so beautiful!
Many Blessings,

heirloomgardener said...

What a great arbor--I've been wanting my husband to do that!