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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gardening for Wildlife

My friend, Cora of Hidden Riches From Secret Places, has sent me the most wonderful gardening book ~ Gardening for Wildlife published by the World Wildlife Federation. I do believe this is my favorite gardening book ever!

It is overflowing with all sorts of creative and inexpensive ways to attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife to our home. I plan to incorporate this book into our science curriculum this summer so the boys can enjoy its benefits as well!

Our property is forested with our home sitting right in the center. However, being a new home site, the wildlife tends to stay in the forest and "safe" places. My vision is to draw the creatures out and make our home garden blend into their natural habitat so we can enjoy them more.

So as a small step toward that goal, I mounted an old wooden birdhouse onto a cedar log and posted it at the entrance of our walking trail in the backyard. At the base, I've planted daffodil bulbs for a splash of color this spring. It's just a simple start but I'm so pleased with it.

Since Luke & I both enjoy woodworking, I hope to make a few similar birdhouses to tuck into little nooks & corners here and there throughout the summer.



Wilma said...

i love the bird house. i need that book too. i get deer all the time in the yard but i would love to get hummingbirds to come in. even with hummingbird feeders they dont come lol.

lindanuts said...

Lea, I have several suggestions. I love the birdhouses. Bluebirds will love them. Try planting red impatiens in shady corners. This will attract hummingbirds. Deer will eat them, too. You can make very simple corn feeders. Two boards perpendicular with a 16 penny nail through the one to be parallel with the ground. Drill your corn cobs with a smaller drill bit. It will make it much easier to mount the corn. Start deeper in the woods. When you know they've been feeding for a few weeks, move the feeder several trees closer to your select area. You can do this with the hanging feeders, too. You know you will get raccons and possums, too but that's part of the deal. You have to draw them to you. When you have fires, have them in the same place each time. The smell of fire wards off wildlife. We used to live in the country and it is really easy to bring them to within sight. Once the smaller animals come, the larger will follow. We were barbequing at my b-i-l's and deer came right up the driveway where we sat. We kept talking and just acted like they weren't there. I learned to always have my camera whwerever I am! Deer will eat out of a cattle feeder, as will birds but if you want it to remain natural, just put it on the ground. It will be costly but if you want to see the wildlife, it's worth it. Good luck. I really envy your circumstances. The possibilities are endless!
I also still envy your arbor and really want one at my vegetable garden but, alas, hubby is not a carpenter or woodworker or handyman of any sort. He is a gardener....

Nancy said...

I love the idea of incorporating nature into your yard and your birdhouse is just lovely!

Thank you so much for your visit to my blog and your sweet comments! I am enjoying your blog so much - it's about all of my favorite things!

Oh, and your little kitty is just precious. Our "new" kitty is already a year old, but still lots of fun!


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey Lea,
Love your birdhouses and thee idea of drawing in the critters!
You have a gorgeous place!

Wanita said...

Your bird house is great. Of course, our yard is quite small since we're in the city. But I love having flowers that attract butterflies, and we feed the birds and have a small bird bath. It's fun to see them splashing in it.

Blessings, Wanita

Primgal55 said...

What a great idea for your summer curriculum! We live in the burbs but have wildlife around us with the woods and brook. What great lessons they gave our kids!

I won a give away - stop over and see my treasure! hugs, Linda

Simple Family Supper lady said...

Bird houses are GREAT!!! Feeders also help bring the birds in... ENJOY!!!

Renna said...

That is so cute! I'm sure some feathered friend will be taking advantage of it soon. :-)

Kindra said...

I just love birdhouses. They make a yard look so homey. Your birdhouse is great. They are fun to make!!

That was so nice of Cora to send you that wonderful book. Blog friends are so great!!

Have a great day!

This Country Girl said...


What a great summer learning experience that will be! That was nice of Cora to send you the book.

Your property looks gorgeous! I bet it's nice to be that secluded!

By the way, what did you decide to name your friendly "scarecrow"?

Have a great Thursday!

Katy said...

That sounds just fantastic Lea!!! That was so sweet of Cora!!! :)

Sugarplum Cottage said...

I bet your book is wonderful, I've been wanting a new gardening book. Looked at some today but bought a cookbook instead, like I needed another one. I bet your boys love all those woods, a boys haven. Has any birds moved in your houses yet? My husband and I sit and stalk our birdhouses and discuss which type of bird will nest in them. Were very simple minded, we would rather watch the birds than watch a movie. Yes, it doesn't take much to entertain us.

Hugs, RoseMarie
ps. just finished my 4th batch of detergent. I'm gonna start tripling my batches, can I do that?

JenW!~ said...

Love the birdhouse. My DH makes all of ours and we have them everywhere. I am trying to talk him into selling them.

Annie said...

I Love your bird house! a pretty vine like a clematis would be great growing up the post!