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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Frugal Living ~ Homemade Laundry Soap Update

Both enamelware pots came from the thrift store for under $5 total!

I just had to give an update on my journey with this homemade laundry soap recipe. I have been using it for 2 months now and I'm loving it!

Not only is it saving us lots of money, but my clothes are fresh and really clean. No soap residue. No extra rinse cycle so we're conserving water as well as energy. I feel so good about cutting out the extra dyes and chemicals from the clothing my family wears.

I now add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to the rinse cycle and no longer use liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets. Just do a google search and read about the chemicals used in these products. Yikes!

My friend, Cora of Hidden Riches From Secret Places, has also found some additional uses for the laundry soap. Just click on her name to read more about her experience.

If you've given homemade laundry soap a try, I'd love to hear what you think or if you've made any changes or improvements.

I'm also trying 2 new homemade cleaners this week as well. They are pure and inexpensive. I'll be posting the recipes later this week!

Wishing you joy,


lindanuts said...

I haven't made it yet but I did buy all the ingredients. I've watched them make lye soap at the old threshers reunion. I will get it done.
My favorite cleaning supplies are:
VINEGAR-use it in the rinse cycle to clear out the drain hose.
use it to wash windows, countertops(to keep ants and flies away), appliances, coffeepot
BAKING SODA- with vinegar is a great drain cleaner. with water is a great cleanser and water softener.
WHITENING TOOTHPASTE-not gel. use to remove stains from sinks, tubs, showers, grout.Especially good on rust stains
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE--great to remove stains from white clothes. Can also be poured on stains in sinks and tubs.
BABY WIPES--quicker picker upper. wipe dogs feet,baby faces, sweaty brows and necks, spills on the carpet or table, quick wash of hands,stovetop, grill, bench in the park, hundreds of uses and disposable.
One really caustic thing I use is EASY-OFF. It is much better than it used to be but I don't use it in my oven or even indoors! I put my really grungy enamelware pieces in a large cardboard box out on the driveway and spray the heck out of them. wait 30 minutes and hose them off. They can be washed and actually used--for cooking and decorating!
I am waiting for my laundry soap jug to be empty so I will have a place to store my new homemade soap!

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I just finished my first "brew" today!! I've used it for everything, including getting some doggy poopy stains out of my carpet. Since I couldn't do anything normal, I had made a double batch. I just can't say enough good about it. Time to get my pots out again and make some more!


Sheryl-lyn said...

Love your blog!! We are kindred spirits in many ways...I saw that some of our favorite books and movies are the same and we like the simple life. I made laundry soap already and do love it. I am making soap with a friend next week and am totally excited.

Katy said...

YAY!!! i am soo glad you like the homemade laundry soap!!! We have been making our own for a while now too..and it saves sooo much money!!! I love it!!!

mammaof5js said...

I was sent a link to your site by my friend and neighbor Cora. I started my first blog today and she told me that i just had to check yours out. I definitely want to try the laundry soap recipe. As a family of 7 we are always looking for ways to stretch our budget. Thanks for the great info.

Toby Parsons said...

Hi Lea,

Yes, I made my own laundry soap for quite awhile. I liked it, and then found a new recipe for powder, that I liked as well. However, I got lazy and am back to buying soap, albeit natural, but expensive. I too need to get back to homemade, so thanks for the inspiration.

By the way. Youngest daughter has been with Nancy Campbell for 2 full weeks now. I talked to her tonight and she is very sick. Please pray for her. Other than that, she LOVES it there and LOVES Colin, Nancy, their girls and all the grandkids!!! She says they are truly amazing! :)

I loved your mothers day post as well. You are blessed. :)

Wendy said...

I haven't made any but I really want to try it!! Anything to save money now a days!! I can't wait to hear about your other cleaners!! Take care!!~Wendy

Farm Chick Paula said...

I'm making my first batch this weekend... wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

I went back and copied your laundry soap recipe. I hope to try it soon.
Can't wait to see your new homemade cleaners. Have a great day!

Heather said...

Thank you for sharing about this recipe and your success with it! As a homemaker looking for natural and cost-effective products, I appreciate tips like yours. I'll try it! Blessings ~ Heather

Heather said...

I just bought all of the ingredients for homemade laundry soap too. Glad to hear from someone who has had success with it.

Just you know of a way to deodorize a stinky freezer? I'm having trouble with that, and nothing I use seems to work.

Kindra said...

That sounds like a great idea! I might have to try that. It should be safe on sensitive skin, right? My 4 year has excema from time to time. I love Home recipes like this! Keep them coming! Have a great day!

Julie said...

This sounds like such a neat idea!!!
I'm reading about making homemade soap (bath bar soap) and it's really exciting, but that lye just scares me so!
My husband is cheering me on (he's a sweetie!) but he's also wary of the lye (they have it where he works and he knows the dangers!)
Have you ever made any? Let me know!

Jen said...

You know, I have been having an epiphany lately about the 'good old ways' of doing things. By chance I used some old Borax that my Mom had, and I loved it, whitening without that horrible bleach smell. Since then, I been finding out how everyday stuff was the cleanser or medicine of the past -- honey for tummies and sore throats, garlic for purifying the blood, vinegar for cleaning, etc. I have to say that I feel a little shortchanged by American marketers for convincing me that all those bottles, sprays and pills were necessary, when great-grandma got along fine without them! And dang it, when the rain clears up, I'm hanging laundry too!!
~Jen at Visions & Verses

kathi~lavender, lace and thyme said...

What a nice surprise to find you! My Mom has been making a similar recipe for homemade soap for many years, it is awesome! I have enjoyed reading here :)

Anonymous said...

I am going to try the recipe this week!! Is it safe for all laundry like colors as well?? When you add vinegar to the rinse cycle does your clothes end up smelling like vinegar?? yeah, i ask dumb questions!!:)

chicory cottage said...

i just made the laundry soap today and would like remind folks to add the baking soda and borax a bit at a time and whisk while doing so...that avoids the 'volcano' effect (just trust me on this)...i must say, though, my kitchen floor hasn't looked this shiny in quite a bit...