She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31

Monday, February 25, 2008

From My Kitchen ~ Woodstove Cookery

The mornings are changing now. At dawn, I can hear the sweet frog song while the buttercups lift their bright yellow faces to the sun. Each evening the front porch light draws an amazing assortment of winged creatures ... which I only enjoy from a distance! (I'm not a bug person!) I long for Spring and the smell of freshly turned soil. But one thing I will sorely miss is the warmth and joys of our wood stove and the wonderful meals that we have cooked on it this past winter.

Whether it is pot of white beans that slowly simmers throughout the day or a few scrubbed potatoes stuck in the ash pan, woodstove cookery just thrills me. It takes me back to a place in time when life was somehow less complicated. And it is such fun to experience what it may have been like for our pioneer mothers as they went about their busy days to find a warm meal ready at days end. Woodstove cookery is surely one of life's simple pleasures.

I think I'll go toss a few potatoes in the ash bin for dinner. Yum!

(And by the way, Nancy Jo, I got that fireside chair from our local thrift. I think your good fortune is rubbing off on me!)



LINDA said...

I envy that you have a woodstove! We have a gas fireplace--good for ambience but wothless for cooking. You can back up to it and warm yourself and it looks pretty. I will dream of your baked potatoes in the ash bin. I really enjoy your blog. It brings me fond memories of my youth; makes me smile......

Katy said...

Oh my gosh..i just LOVE that area Lea!!! It is beautiful and PERFECT!!! I want one! LOL That chair is awesome!!!!!! :)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Glad you came for a visit! Love your blog, it just keeps getting better and better with each click! I miss my old woodstove, made the best bread!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Beautiful stove!! ; )

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

It looks so inviting!!! The potatoes sound wonderful. And the chair is adorable.

Cora from Country Patches said...

If I could have one thing, it would be a little corner in my house for a stove like that! It's just so amazing, Lea! I love it.
And your post today makes me appreciate spring days, too! Soon, my Robins will be in your yard again, the snows will be gone, and your flowers will be blooming! Don't rush Mother Nature! Cora

Kim at Thistle Dew said...

Hi Lea!

We cook on our woodstove too, though not as often as we'd like. My Nana got me started when I was just a little girl... we used to play "prairie" or "cabin" together and pretend we were roughing it.

Only trouble with it is that it smells so good that you nearly starve to death waiting for hubby to come home for dinner!

Nancy Jo said...

That chair is perfect there. I love it. Thrift stores are the best aren't they? How long have you had it?
When I lived at home we had two stoves in the kitchen, one was a big wood stove, always smelled so good.

Daniv said...

love your stove! something I always wanted, alas! we do have an outside fireplace to you roast the potatoes? wait until the coals die down? curious Dani wants to know....

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Yes, our woodstove is the best investment we've made in our home. The heating bills are almost a delight to get in the mail!

Dani, our stove has an ash pan that slides out of a drawer in the bottom of the stove. All the ashes from the burnt wood falls through a grate and collect in the pan. We just pull the pan out, push the potatoes under the ash and let the wood keep burning above. The potatoes cook before you know and the ash helps prevent them from burning.

Gosh, I'm getting hungry just talking about it!