She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31

Thursday, February 28, 2008

God's Bouquet

I received this poem from my Aunt Linda this week. It is so sweet that I wanted to share it.

God's Bouquet

You must bloom where you are planted
In the garden we call life,
And bring some special beauty to
Each corner where there's strife.

Perhaps you're but a dandelion,
Wishing you were a rose,
Yet in this place of growing things,
You're the one God chose.

It's up to you to finish what
The Good Lord has begun,
By growing just the way you should
And face the rising sun.

There's room for you, if you but choose,
In a glorious array
Of beauty from God's garden,
that He'll add to his bouquet.

~M. Barker~

Thank you, Aunt Linda. Love you to the moon & back!



Farm Chick said...

I love it! Makes you stop and think!(I especially like the second verse- some days I sure feel like a dandelion in the midst of a bunch of roses!)

Cora from Country Patches said...

Maybe that's why I've always loved dandelions so much -- they DO just bloom where they are planted -- and are so happy to be what they are! I always thought I was the only person on earth who didn't mind the dandelions in my yard. Thanks, Lea! Such a sweet reminder to be what we are! Cora

Katy said...

i love that!!! It is sooo beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing that with us!

Daniv said...

Lovely poem...I like the part "growing toward the sun.".

Junebugma said...

Love you to the moon and back also...
Love Aunt Lynda..