She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Raggedy Projects & Garden Dreams

These freezing temperatures are keeping me indoors and near the woodstove, so I'm finally catching up on all those unfinished projects that I'd love to work on but can never seem to get to. Am I the only one who does that? I did recently finish this little set of Raggedy Triplets for some dear friends. Now I'm completing my (blush) 12 year old quilt ... the last block in hand. (Will Mom ever be happy that I finally finished it!)

But though I love getting all caught up, my heart has already turned toward the garden with all the hopes of new things I want to accomplish this year. My mind is swimming with herbs & butterfly gardens, stone paths & scarecrow friends ... Sometimes I think God chose to place winter right before spring just for me. If He had not, I don't think I'd ever take time to catch up on other things or even to plan my garden well.

I'm off to stitch and dream some more. Stay warm!

Many blessings,


Small City Scenes said...

Hi Lea, it sure has been a long time. but here I am. I think about you and your family a lot. And of course every time I see my Valentine Annie i see you too.. All is well here, not much going on. I have been making Valentine cards---stuff like that. I have two Pygora goats. they are fiber goats and my Nephew's girlfriend gave me a real nice spinning wheel so that is something I need to learn. So busy and yet not. Take care, MaryBeth

Elizabeth said...

Your triplets and quilt are beautiful! Spring will be here before we know it.Blessings to you

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Hello, sweet friend!
I, too, am planning our garden space for spring. All those seed catalogs give us such hope, don't they? I had planned a scarecrow for last fall but we had that load of topsoil put on and it would've looked silly but this year, for sure! I'm sure the birds will use it as a perch but it will look interesting to passers by. The whole layout will be different for us as we are going to put our tomatoes on a hog panel instead of in cages. We haven't put things in rows for years. LOL
Your raggedies are beautiful. You do such a nice job. Someone will be so happy ( and lucky ) to get them.
Stay close to that warm stove. I'm stitching, too. Gotta keep the fingers busy!

Mandy in Mayberry said...

Your triplets are adorable! I'm looking forward to spring too. Glad to see a post from you!

Sewn With Grace said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I just love your blog, hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing Sunday.
With joy, Renee

Cathy said...

You are sooo funny, but it's sooo true!!! I'm like that too, work on old projects in the winter trying to finish a few up and dream of spring and planting a garden. I do hope I will be moved in time to do that...
I LOVE your annie triplets ~ too cute!!! I want to make more rag dolls this year, just one of my many goals! lol!!
Thanks for your visit and for taking my poll:)
Have a great week!
Cathy ♥♥

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I agree, winter was meant to catch up and dream about spring! It's always so good to see you post or pop on Facebook. Keep warm and dream on...hugs!

Anonymous said...

Lea thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment!
There hasn't been much there but there will be and there is lots on my old blog...
I love your dolls! ♥~they are so sweet!
And I too am dreaming of my garden!

Nancy M. said...

Those Raggedy dolls are so pretty! Much better than the store bought ones! I've been looking at all the seed catalogs and thinking of a garden too.

Anonymous said...

I just love these!


....and thank you for posting about the giveaway :)