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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blessings Abound Even In Trials

Jeffrey & Jase on our Sunday walk

Friday was a tough day for us all. I think we were all a bit shocked to find that Jase's EKG was abnormal. Somehow deep in the recesses of my heart, I wanted to believe that each family is only allowed so many trials in their lifetime and if that was true, surely we had met our quota! I suppose I was having a bit of a pity party. In reality, I know life holds no such guarantees and trials will remain a part of the journey until its our time to go Home.

Well, we visited the doctor to gather Jase's records and were asked some astounding questions that I can't even bring myself to repeat. I felt a bit faint myself, and Jase was so scared. We returned home and while the boys busied themselves with some game time, I turned on the computer and was just overwhelmed with the prayers and support and scripture that so many of you shared with me. It was just exactly what I needed. I closed my door and wept and prayed and finally scooped myself up with renewed strength.

Yes, there will be trials but I KNOW God is right here to hold our hands and lead us through the dark. He has given me a peace (the kind that surpasses understanding) and strength that I truly did not possess three years ago when our family was confronted with its darkest moment with Colton's health battles. Sadly, I did not handle that one with grace. And I know that any strength or grace that I now possess is from God alone. It is a blessing that I would not have gained had I not traveled that difficult path. And so though I would not choose to repeat it, I find my heart grateful for the blessings that arose from that challenge and choose to view this next challenge as a path to something much greater. And though I don't know the outcome, I do know that my character and Jase's will be further refined by the fire and that we'll emerge on the other side victorious and stronger still.

And each of you, too, are gifts from the Lord. Thank you for bathing Jase (and me) in prayer. This morning, our family gathered around the computer and read aloud your prayers, scriptures and encouragement. It was such a blessing to us all and I know that Jase was encouraged as well.

And God has already answered one of those prayers. We were able to secure a new appointment with a cardiologist for Jase at Vanderbuilt in Nashville. We are now scheduled for February 25th ... much better than waiting until late March.

Jase was in much better spirits today. We enjoyed some family worship time and then headed to the woods for a hike to enjoy the little hints of springtime that are beginning to appear. Jase was teasing and being his silly self which was good for my "Mamas heart" to see. It was a happy day.

Jase taking a moment to "chillax" in the hammock.

Luke in his handmade fort.

Colton & I showing off our nature treasures that we collected.

If I could, I would stretch my arms from Washington state to Australia and give you all a big hug. (I'm a hugger!) And though I am truly never at a loss for words, I struggle to express how much I appreciate your care. Somehow I hope you'll know.

Be blessed,


Catherine said...

Lea, all of us are blessed by your wisdom and warmth. Thank you.

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries and Eggs In My Pocket said...

Sweet Lea, my prayers are with you and with Jase. Bless your heart! Hang in there. Just praying for brighter days ahead! Hugs to you as well. blessings,Kathleen

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I'm a hugger, too...So consider yourself hugged...

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

My prayers are with you and Jase, so thankful that your appt. was moved up to Feb.25th! Please keep us posted:)

Karen said...

Praying for Jase, you and your family knowing that God is faithful. What a blessing that God provided the earlier appointment with the doctor. I'll be thinking and praying each day as you wait for the appointment.
"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."
Ps. 46:1

mary said...

Here's a big, big hug from Texas !
I love that your prayers have already been answered about the appointment change. You and your family are so loved by the Lord, and He is always at work on your (and Jase's) behalf. Now we will just wait for the great report Jase is going to get from the cardiologist in a couple of weeks! I love you sweet friend :)

Raggedy Angel said...

I am sending you a big big hug from North Carolina right now and Jase will be in my every prayer!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

I can see the strenth in your character. I'm so glad his appt. is closer. I'll be keeping Jase and your family in my prayers.

Karen said...

Oh Lea, such strength you have. Bless all of you and prayers are there.
Hugs, Karen

tam said...

Lea your strength and testimony is a blessing for me and helps lift me too! Isn't it so cool how blessings are a two way street? The Lord never did say it would be easy just worth it, something I have kept in the back of my own mind as I face each trail in my life (and there have been many!)It is always easier to look back and see why we are lead down certain paths in our lives-I guess that is where faith is so important to go forward when we can not see what lies ahead. I also beleive the greater one's faith the greater the trials. I admire you as a mother and thank you for being such a wonderful example of a woman of God!~Smiles~Tam!

Sue said...

HUGS back to you and your family. Just know that there are many prayers going up for Jase. The first thing that drew me to your blog was your faith. It has been evident from the first time I found you. You will be able to add this story for God's glory as we see Him work.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Lea, I am not sure what religion you are..but you can always call up our LDS missionarys or someone from church to come and give Jase a blessing...I will certainly put him in my prayers and I can add him to our prayer list at church..I love you and your cute little pink rubber are a beautiful lady with great kids too...keep the faith...:)

This Country Girl said...

I had a feeling you were a hugger, Lea! I am too, so here's a big hug for you! We've been praying for Jase ever since I read this and we'll continue to do so, as well as the rest of your sweet family!

If there's something I can help with when you come to Memphis, let me know. I can meet you over there. I know this day probably won't be a good day for us to meet like we spoke about, but if you need anything...really let me's not all that far for me to come! :)


Anonymous said...

What a glorious Sunday you all had.
Thank you for being free to share your wisdom and your warm heart.
Thanks for your hugs, we really do appreciate them down here in Australia just now. Don't you just love how God never changes, while we never seem to know what He's up to next, awesome really, Debs.

theoldestonehouse said...

Know that I have added you both to my prayers. It's so hard as a mom to stand by and watch as all this unfolds before you. Each time you come to mind I say a special "wrap your loving arms around her Lord and let her feel your presence" prayer. As you go through all the testing and hospitals I pray that all those you come in contact with are as nice and pleasant as they can be. I'm sure with your radiant personality all will feel and see your specialness. You will be a blessing to all that come in contact with you.
I pray for Jase as well. I know with the assurance of the Lord that all thing work together for his good.You and Jeffrey raised a fine young man and you will be prouder of him than you have ever been before as he walks this path.

In Him

Caroline said...

You are a sweet sweet lady with a lovely family & i just wish that I could hug you right back. I only hope my words convene how much I really care.

Back in the Day said...

Lea! I have been amazed at some of the great people in blog land! Everytime I am down, they are always there to cheer me up with words of encouragement! Glad you all had a great day! By the way, I have a son named Colton too. He is 12.

Janelle said...

Lea...that's wonderful that you're able to get into Vandy at an earlier date..
Our Father is ALWAYS right*on*time! He has already orchestrated every detail in this next journey your family is to venture into, and as with the people of Israel - he goes before you, and he is also behind you -
Makes me think of the poem "Footsteps" - remember what it says at the end about during the most difficult times when only one set of footprints was seen, that those are HIS, as he carries us through... :)


Kath said...

I am so happy to hear that you got an earlier date for his appt.

...Still praying :)


Katy said...

OH I wish I lived near by. I would be hugging you right back! I am so glad for the peace that has come over you and know that you all are still in my prayers. God's plan will shine through all this!!! :o) And remember...though you all may feel week...this is how God's strength shines through!!

2 Corinthians 12:9
9And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

Stay strong my friend!!! xoxoxoxo

Katy said...

OH, and I meant "weak" not "week"! Sorry! xoxo

In His service, Anne said...

I know the Lord is watching over you and your family. My prayers are still with all of you. Just always remember His grace is sufficient for thee!
hugs, hugs and more hugs!

Linda said...

Morning Lea,

I always say we are entitled to a little (little is the operative word) pity party once in a blue moon (or full moon as this week was) because it helps release that pent up stuff, get much of it out of our system and allows us to focus and go forward. It sounds like it worked for you.

I also used to think each family was only allowed so mamy trials after we lost my 18 year old brother when I was 16, but I too soon learned the hard way that isn't true. It isn't easy coming to that realization.

I guess you know I am a hugger and I am sending extra ones your way as you navigate this next challenge. And I am keeping you all in my prayers. May you find the strength and grace you need each step along the way. And if by some chance, you do feel human and falter for a moment here and there and feel a little pity, just think of it as a release party so you can re-focus. I know it helps me.

hugs, Linda

QuiltedSimple said...

Just know that I'm thinking and praying for you all. Your photos of your boys are WONDERFUL! Give you all a hug from me!

PatinTenn said...

Still praying here for all. I am thankful that you were able to get an appointment sooner.

Keep us posted on how things are going and we will know how to pray.


The Whites said...

I'm so thankful you won't have to wait - God is so good! If you need anything when you're in Nashville, please let me know - I'm only 25 minutes from Vanderbilt. (I'm not just saying that, I sincerely mean it!)

The verse that God gave me last week during my study was on my mind for you again this morning: "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." Exodus 14:14

What awesome but simple reassurance! I'm praying for the healing of Jase's heart and that he will have an amazing testimony one day.


Pam said...

Dear Lea- thank you for taking the time to update us on Jase and your family.
Please know that you all will continue to be in our thoughts and in our prayers.


Here is a big hug from Kentucky Lea!

My dear dad spend alot of time at Vanderbelt and it is a wonderful hospital. There is a great Hospitality House we spent a lot of time at....let me know if you need the number. I will continue to pray for your family.


Nancy M. said...

I'm so glad your spirits are better. It is so wonderful you were able to get an earlier appointment. I am a hugger too!

I will keep y'all in my prayers! {{HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

I had tachycardia episodes for years and finally had to have a catheter ablation. It was such a good thing, my bad attacks are over and I feel much better. I hope your son gets the very best care and is made all well soon.
Best wishes.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Just know there's a great big hug here in east Tennessee if you ever need one, dearie!!

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

Lea - I just found out about Jase. I am praying and will add this to my blog. Sending you and your family a huge hug from Washington.