She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Favorite Things ~ Fresh Eggs

Fresh eggs directly from the hen are most definately one of my favorite things. I spent all my life dreaming about a simpler life, and now that I'm finally here, it really is everything I had hoped for. I don't think I'll ever get over the thrill of walking outside early in the morning to find breakfast freshly delivered, free of hormones and chemicals.

Not everyone shares my endless enthusiasm. I walked into the kitchen this morning cradling those 3 warm eggs in my hand and announced to Colton in my silly sing song voice, "Look what I have for breakfast!" He smiled very sweetly and then said, "Mom, you do this every morning!" LOL Guess he is just not as thrilled as I am. But let me tell you, he sure does enjoy his country breakfast.

I hope to post soon about some frugal and green homemade cleaning products that I've been using. I really enjoy spending less and feeling good about having eliminating chemicals in my home and environment. I've been using a soft scrub and a spray cleaner that are working marvelously and costs just pennies to make. I'm looking forward to sharing those soon.

Well I'm off to town now. Jase needs to see the doctor today and while we're there, I hope to treat the boys to an ice cream. It's a sunshiney, warm day and I'm looking forward to the country drive. It won't be long before the daffodils will begin making their appearance. I can hardly wait!

Be blessed,


mary said...

I so love fresh eggs. I have been trying to ask Randy (repeatedly) without nagging for chickens for several months :) We live in town, and he is worried about our sweet neighbors being less than enthusiastic about chicken noises. Maybe someday! Thank you so much for the sweet, sweet birthday wishes yesterday. I had such a blessed day.

Are your boys feeling better? Our son, Matthew, may be experiencing the return of a chronic illness that he had when he was 9 years old. We are praying that he is back to his old self very soon. You should be getting a little something in the mail tomorrow or Monday :)
Much love,

staci said...

Those look like Very Large eggs (or your hands are quite small, lol!)

Can I come over for a country breakfast???

Nancy Jo said...

You must live on Mars. I don't plan on seeing anything that looks like a possible flower until May. But that's OK, white is nice.God just got a little heavy handed with it this year.
Yes I would love some fresh eggs, you can sing that little song to me and I will say, "OK WHAT DO YOU HAVE THERE"? and you can say fresh eggs and I will act surprised. Used to have them when I was on the farm. My great Grandpa used to eat his whole breakfast with a knife, its not easy to keep an egg on a knife. Not sure why I mentioned that.
Hope the kids are feeling better, and that you wore something decent to town.

CathyJean said...

Yes, fresh eggs are truly a simple country pleasure! They look wonderful!
Please come over to visit me, I want to thank you for your friendship by passing on a beautiful award to you. (I know you have an award free blog, but I just wanted you to know)

basketsnprims said...

Lea, I just love fresh brown eggs. The flavor of store boughten eggs does not even compare. What a wonderful breakfast.


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

What a great pic Lea! Yummy, fresh eggs! Wish I had some chickens! Have a nice day Jase and enjoy an ice cream yourself!

Hugs, Maryjane

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Oh, I miss having chickens and fresh eggs, maybe someday? I'm looking forward to your homemade cleaners, that's something I've been wanting to try for some time now, can't wait!

Annie said...

I Love fresh eggs and I know your excitement about collecting them everyday! That same excitement has not went away since we got our chickens two years ago, there is just something wonderful that you feel every time you find an egg or two in a nest box!
I always thank my ladies and tell them they are doing a great job!
Chickens are so much fun!
We were outside today too, enjoying this unusally warm day!
Hope you had a good day,

lindanuts said...

Love the flannel jammies! LOL
We do love farm fresh eggs but don't get them any where as near as fresh as you do, but they are from an Amish collective and they are organic. Most delicious. Hope Jase gets over his 'bug' soon. He is so lucky to have such a caring Mom. Ice cream sounds good. It is very windy and cold here and they predict back down into the single digits again. I'm afraid your prediction of daffodils is a bit optimistic, but the thought of a strawberry shake is most tempting!
Thanks for checking out my auction finds! I do love the thrill of bidding and winning.....

Catherine said...

I love fresh eggs! Our hens used to lay in the pine needles, under the bottom boughs of the fir trees by the house as well as the nests in the coop. There is nothing like the eggs of free ranging chickens!

I will eagerly await your recipes for homemade cleaning products. Have a wonderful day.


Carrie P. said...

I look forward to your recipes for cleaners. I can't handle any of the harsh toxic smelly stuff. I have been using Shaklee but can be expensive. So please share.

Wendy said...

I would love to have my own chickens!!! maybe someday I will!!! Have a wonderful weekend Lea!! hugs!!Wendy

Living Life with a Joyful Heart said...

How eggciting to be able to walk out into your yard and have fresh eggs for breakfast,that is very cool.
Hope your son is feeling better, and you ehjoyed your ice cream.

Have a Blessed weekend,

Janene said...

Hi Lea~
I'm Janene. I stole your blog site from Linda, and I am captivated by your blog!
I don't recall ever having that fresh of eggs! How do they taste different from the store bought? And how difficult is it to raise chickens!
I am looking forward to your post on economical cleaners!
So that I don't miss them I am going to add you to my favs!
I'm going back now to read more!
Have a good weekend!

Phyllis said...

I love my fresh eggs too and always say "thank you" to my hens when I take them.

Nothing better!

Farmchick said...

I love fresh eggs too...I don't think we will be seeing any flowers popping out of our 60 inches of snow any time soon!! I can live with you til May?

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Mmmhh country breakfast. I'm not an egg person but do love a good plate of biscuits and gravy. My Mom always reports to us girls how many eggs she has gathered in for the day. It's a special treat for her to see how many she gets.

Julie said...

OHHH--the thoughts of daffodils makes me smile. We still have snow, cold and fog. I know the sun is up there somewhere. How fun to have fresh eggs. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Take care--Julie

tam said...

Oh Lea I so agree with you about farm fresh products! Those eggs are gorgeous!Someday I hope to have some hens myself. I did have a Rohde Island Red hen, when I was a teen- named her betsy. It was fun having a hen living in the burbs of Los Angeles!LoL-but believe it or not I wans't the only one. And what joy I felt each day as she gave me one egg a day! I am also looking forward to my bulbs making way to spring flowers! You have sunshine enough to want ice cream? Oh you lucky girl! Have a wonderful weekend!~Smiles~Tam!

American Way Farm said...

Love those fresh eggs. I always feel like I'm going on an egg hunt, even though I don't have to hunt much farther than the ladies' nest boxes (although sometimes I do find one in a hay feeder). Makes mornings even more special.

Katy said...

OH, i couldn't agree more Lea!!! You know how much I love our "girls" and getting eggs...although with the super freezing temps here in PA...we aren't getting any eggs....but I look forward to the warmer temps of spring and lots of eggs!

Heather said...

Your eggs look so yummy and big! What a difference farm fresh makes! It must feel very good to be a producer and not just a consumer - at least that's how I feel when the first lettuces poke up in the garden!
I was peaking at the garden yesterday and some of my irises are jumping up to say happy spring already ... a bit premature since we have dipped into the 20's and are experiencing light snow today! I agree though, before we know it the snowdrops and crocus will make an appearance and bless our hearts with a reminder of God's faithfulness!

Kim W said...

I, too, share your fondness for those fresh, brown eggs! I get mine from an Old Order German Baptist farm (they live like Amish) that's about 8-10 miles from my home. I also get farm fresh milk there. Did you see my entry about going there the other day?

I know what you mean about your kids not sharing your enthusiasm over fresh eggs. A couple of weeks ago I was making Amish French Toast for everyone one Saturday morning and I was SO excited b/c TWO (!) of my eggs had double yokes!! My daughters (21 and 17) didn't understand why I was so excited. lol

I'm just satisfied that ONE DAY they'll know...

Blessings from Ohio...

Karen said...

Hi Lea, I remember visiting my aunt/uncle on their farm and gathering eggs for breakfast. I totally forgot about that till you posted this.
Again, more memories. THANKS

PatinTenn said...

I love fresh eggs also !!! My close friend and neighbor has the chickens but I get some of the eggs. They are not laying right now and we both are just lost without our freash eggs. We should have some here soon.

I am hoping to have my own chickens this spring.

I will be waiting to hear about your cleaners. I need a good "soft scrub" one.


This Country Girl said...

That's still a dream of mine (to raise our own chickens) and have fresh eggs. Unfortunately, Jason is not all for it, yet! We are going to try to do a garden this year though, so I may be asking you lots of questions, Lea!

I hope you enjoyed your ice cream and country drive yesterday!

And by the way, if Colton decides to have his own blog, we would love to visit. Joy would be very excited! She was very excited over her first post (and the comments).

Have a great weekend!

Nancy M. said...

I love my fresh eggs too! I just love watching the chickens peck around all day. I hope y'all are feeling better now!

Toni said...

Your not alone!I could probably do an entire post about what a blessing it is to have fresh eggs.I used to go to a local farm with a friend and we would be able to purchace fresh eggs for $.75 a dozen.One time he took us back to the chicken coop to get eggs.Now I buy them from the farmers market when I can get there.Hope your having a blessed weekend with your family,Lea!!!Love and many blessings,Toni

Barb J. said...

Hubby and I think it is great any time we get fresh eggs from the hen, even if it is every day, lol!

Since we've only had the chickens for about two years, it is not something we are taking for granted!