She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Special Blessing

Look what I found on my doorstep yesterday! My friend & neighbor, Tami, shared the joys of her harvest with my family. Thank you, Tami! Thank you, Lord!

Rejoice in all things,


Toby Parsons said...

Wonderful bounty and kindness from your beloved neighbor. God is good. :)

I'm glad to hear that Colton is doing so well. A true answer to prayer. As for part 2 meds change next week, I will be listening for your singing! :)

Gee, Brooke and I both wish you would have said something while she was still in Tennessee. Like she said, the Ruby Mobile holds five girls, and that they would have LOVED the adventure of going to meet you. Lord willing, there 'will' be another opportunity. She hopes to go back next year. Even though she is very glad to be home, she misses the Campbells and Tennessee too. I would have 'totally' trusted you Lea!!! :) And will next time! :) Just think, you could have met 5 of the girls all at once. You could have even gone to the Campbells to meet Brooke and the others. It would have been just fine.

Yes, we are enjoying our time together. So very glad to have her home. Brooke is now just getting back into a routine around the house and with school work. She will begin a 2-year Master Herbalist program beginning sometime in August or September.

Lew is feeling much better. He climbed Mt. Ellinor last week and rode his mountain bike 13 miles one day. Naturally, these two things were in the classification of 'overdoing' and it took a good 3days to recover, but that is typical Lew; driven and determined. He still has a ways to go for upper body strength to return. That is the more vital acutally as he can't really work until that comes back. He can do light stuff though, which is better than nothing at all.

The yard. The logging is done. The heavy equipment needs to put the dirt in all the right places next. Then the rock and stick picking begin again, then plant grass in the fall. Window boxes look great and I hope to recover and refurbish the picnic table this week or weekend.

I'll post pics of the yard soon. :)

We spent the afternoon at the lake today, so that was very nice for a change.

I just posted pictures of Brooke and some of the girls in Tennesseee on my blog if you care to peek. :)

Pray all is well with you and your family! :)

Many, many blessings Lea!!! :)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Such a beautiful picture Lea! Love it!!!


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Yummy! Nothing beats fresh form the garden veggies!

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

How sweet and kind, Lea!!! The Lord does send His angels to minister to us, doesn't He???? Those squash look delicious! I just found a recipe for squash patties and am going to try them tonight! Cora

Heather said...

How kind! Are those summer squashes? I planted them for the first time this year, but I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet!

JenW!~ said...

I wish I had a neighbor like that. Lucky You.

YD's a little bit of everything place said...

That's very nice of Tami to share her harvest with you.
BTW, I didn't get a chance to make that Blackberry cobbler recipe yet. The black raspberries I picked were just enough to make a batch of jam.

Pam said...

Oh that looks good!
Aren't good neighbors a wonderful blessing? We had neighbors like that when we were young marrieds living in our first house. They were so dear to us, and helped us in so many ways.
Have a wonderful Wednesday-
Blessings and hugs,

This Country Girl said...

That's such a sweet neighbor! How blessed you are to have her!

I love that photo too!

Have a blessed day, Lea!

papel1 said...

Nothing like Fresh Vegetables and nice neighbors.

pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi lea thank you for leaving a comment i do really appreciate them.Like you i love simple acts of kindness.I love to give my friends free range eggs and if i make jam or lemon curd or just a listening ear .i did try and take pictures of the car boot sale but i managed to delete them before i could upload,never mind next i will keep you posted.~blessings to you all~kate

Nancy M. said...

I, too, have been lucky enough to have friends share with me this year. Hopefully next year, we can have our own garden.

I love fried squash!

Renna said...

What a great neighbor! I have good neighbors who also share their bountiful harvests with us. Lord, bless good neighbors!

LINDA said...

Mmmmm, summer squash is so good...You lucky girl, you. You bring out the best in everyone.
Your stitchery above is fabulous. Thanks for the heads up on Dani's giveaway.

Cookie said...

Gotta love good neighbors! I just ate that kind of squash and green toms fried! It was so good. How are you all doing?